Vic Orth

Corps à Corps

Paris, France

Vic Orth is a young photographer from Lyon. She graduated in cultural project management and is currently based in Paris. 

Driven by a need to express her relationship to her identity and body, her practice of analog photography developed since she came of age and led to a first series of self-portraits. 

One summer, she met the photographer Gil Rigoulet at the Grand-Place in Brussels and became his assistant and friend. 

She developed a sensitive, authentic photography that became more structured, and had her first exhibitions in Arles, Brussels and Paris.

Contact: | @victoire_orth |

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Vic Orth, on her series

"My images depict bodies, their lines and their singularity. Intimate, these shooting sessions first appear to me as a personal journey to discover the abundance and the possibilities of the self."


On softness and washi japanese paper

Vic's series was shot in black and white on Kodak Tri-X 400 film using a mirror to take self-portraits. She develops her images in her bathroom.

Her photographs are mainly taken in natural light, using a Nikon F coupled with a Micro Nikkor lens that her mentor Gil Rigoulet donated to her.

To bring out the softness of her images, Victoire chose to print her pictures on Awagami Bamboo 160g paper. Crafted exclusively in Tokushima with the artistry and knowledge gained from 8 generations of papermaking, this high-quality textured Japanese paper has a small ecological footprint. It is made with environmentally friendly bamboo and stands out for its soft surface.