The Analog Club is a camera shop, gallery and community dedicated to celebrating the poetry of analog photography.

Beyond mere artistry

Whether it's giving a second life to vintage cameras, reviving the intimate experience of holding prints, being intentional when framing a shot or cherishing the slow nature and craftmanship of analog processes, we deeply believe in the importance and relevance of this medium.

Not just as an art form but as a philosophy too.

We want to encourage more people to explore this world, and support them along the way.

How it all started.


Mexico, The beginning

After landing in Mexico with his father's Canon AE-1 for a 2-week trip, and falling in love with film photography, Mathis decided to create an Instagram page to share one inspiring picture by an analog photographer every single day.

The Analog Gallery

At the end of 2022, we launched The Analog Gallery to showcase the work of film photographers through immersive exhibitions blending images and sound.


Mathis Clamens

The Analog Club is the brainchild of Mathis. In 2016, after receiving an old Canon AE-1 from his father and getting hooked, he created the Club to spread his love for the analog medium far and wide, and foster a community of film photographers.

Léopold Fulconis

Step by step, film photography is changing Léopold's life. After shooting film and collecting vintage cameras for years, he decided to quit his job and join Mathis in this adventure. He is now overseeing the development of the Club through various projects.

Emma Binois

Emma specializes in portrait and documentary photography. She ties back her earliest memory of analog photography to a Polaroid picture taken on her 4th birthday. At 18, she bought an Olympus OM-10 and fell in love with the medium. She joined the team to help with the communication and artistic direction.

Choucri Bechir

Choucri is a self-taught photographer and software developer. His journey with photography started in 2009 and quickly evolved into an obsession that is central to how he engages with the world today. He joined to the team to help with the tech, curation and product development.

Clément Lacombe

Clément is the technical expert of the club.
Passionate repairman and enthusiast about all technical subjects, he’s a lifelong analog photographer and astrophotographer. He’s helping with the development of the club and takes care of the sourcing, fixing and restoration of cameras.