Our story 

"The Analog Club’s journey began back in 2016 while I was in traveling and shooting rolls of film in Mexico 🇲🇽
Wanting to share my newly found passion, I decided to create an Instagram page where I would repost each day an analog photography. Sharpening my personal eye, this curation quickly became a great way to highlight the work of talented photographers from the film photography movement.

Our community has grown a lot since then, gathering over 190K analog enthusiasts.
Léopold and Loris, also passionate about this medium, have now joined the Analog Club’s journey. Our mission is clear: to make analog photography accessible to as many people as possible.

Following the release of our photographic newspaper Patience (2020), we are very happy to present The Analog Club’s first exhibition Mère Méditerranée and to launch simultaneously our online gallery, specialized in limited edition photography prints.

Workshops with analog photographers and content about film photography from members of our community are also coming very soon 😉

Join the newsletter 👇 and stay tuned for these exciting projects 🎞 🕺🏻

And don’t stop shooting film 📷 💙 ""




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