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Welcome to the Club! At our core, we're a community of analog photography enthusiasts brought together by a shared love for film.

Our mission is simple: to foster a space where photographers can connect, learn, and grow together. A space where you can find support and inspiration no matter where you are on your photographic journey.

Our guiding principle? To build a community with you, not for you.

In a world often marked by fleeting interactions, we are trying to offer something a bit more enduring, a bit more real.

Scroll down to step into our world and learn more about what we do.

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In-person meetups to gather, connect, showcase our work and build relationships with other photographers.


23.11-03.12.23 | Paris

Imagined as a 10-day immersion into analog photography, our most recent event aimed to provide a complete experience around this medium by offering a wide range of activities.

On the program: free daily workshops on how to use a film camera, exhibitions by Gil Rigoulet and Guillaume Holzer, the launch of Agathe Berjaut's first zine, a bookshop featuring 30 books and zines from the community, free portfolio reviews, a end-to-end workshop on the Afghan Box (shooting, developing, printing), a print sale, a camera shop and old school portraits by our dear friend at Bruzklyn Labz.

In the press:


14.06-18.06.23 | EST Galerie

TRIPTYQUES offers an affordable access to the work of some of our favorite photographers through a triptych of small prints.

Over 5 days, people were able to delve into the intimacy of various series through slide projections in the basement and an adapted scenography, in addition to the triptychs on display.



We partnered with Les Trois Bains (@lestroisbains) and The CENTQUATRE-PARIS (@104paris) to give kids an initiation workshop on analog photography.

30 curious youngsters gathered around a few Afghan Boxes to learn the basics of photography and how analog pictures come to life.

Interested in attending a workshop? Let us know what topics you’d love to learn more about.

how the club started


Weekly Selections | Picture of the Week | Analog Series

Weekly Selections

Every week, we look at thousands of Instagram pictures tagged, we highlight our favorite ones and you get to choose the winning shot.

A recurring online get together to celebrate exceptional images from the community.


Picture of the week

We then ask the winners of the Weekly Selections to share some words and let us in on the thoughts, emotions and stories behind their pictures.

Analog series

Every now and then, we also feature one of your series to shed light on inspiring projects from the community.

This initiative is open for anyone to participate and we'd love to see your work!

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Our ultimate goal is to create a welcoming environment inclusive of photographers from different skill levels and backgrounds. An environment that fosters connection, active participation, collaboration and learning.

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