We care as much as you do about matching you with a camera that suits your needs.

Whether you are shopping on our website or visiting us in person at our Paris offices, we offer tailored assistance to help you find the perfect camera. 

You can choose between the following 2 options:

THE 1-minute QUIZ

if you're seeking a quick decision.

An easy questionnaire designed to swiftly recommend some options.

✔ Quick and Convenient: takes only a minute to complete, instant guidance.

✔ Efficient Filtering:
narrows down camera options based on high-level criteria like photography level, camera type and budget.

Limited Guidance: might not address specific nuances, unique preferences and all of your questions.


30 minutes. Online or in person.

Book a personalized appointment with us. During this exchange, we'll delve deeper into your requirements, preferences, and questions, ensuring you receive detailed guidance and expert advice to make an informed and confident decision. 

✔ In-Depth Discussion: a 2-way exchange allowing for a comprehensive exploration of your requirements and concerns.

✔ Personalized Guidance: we'll suggest tailored recommendations based on your specific preferences and needs.

✔ Check out all our cameras in person: get a feel of the size, weight and ergonomics of various bodies before making a purchase.

✔ Expert Advice: benefit from personalized expertise and insights. Ask us all your burning questions and buy with confidence.