Simon Arcache

À l’âge d’un Prénom d’été

Paris, France

Simon Arcache started practicing photography during a year spent in the United States, where he accompanied Blues musicians in their everyday lives, as well as on stage as a guitarist.

This musical, visual and human experience deeply marked the photographer's artistic approach. Since then, he’s been exploring the intimacy of communities questioning our relationship to others, to identity, to societies and to history.

Simon thrives particularly on the treatment of black and white, and the development and printing processes, which he practices at home in Paris.

Alongside these different projects, he develops more personal series reflecting on the relationship between his life and his photography. Through different themes (childhood, transmission and love), he unravels the intimacy of the photographic gesture, allowing us to witness a dialogue between form and content, the outside and the inside, the seen and the lived.

The series À l'âge d'un Prénom d'Été is part of this work in progress.

Contact: | @simon.arcache |

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Simon Arcache, on his series

"It's a story of water and sun. A story of love, desire and absence. It's a story of emptiness and fullness, of before and after. A story told through the fire of a few moments, at the age of a summer’s name, when the shadow of memories burns brighter than the light of dreams."



Simon makes his own silver gelatin prints at home. He values the craftsmanship and tactile experience of working in the darkroom. The hands-on nature of printing his pictures allows him to have a deeper connection with his work and express his artistic intent accurately.

The process of developing film, handling negatives, and manipulating images on the enlarger requires skill, precision and artistic intuition. For Simon, to be intimately involved in every step of the process is as important as the act of taking pictures. From enlarging a negative onto light-sensitive paper to processing it through chemical baths and witnessing the image appear gradually, it's an artistic endeavor that gives the final print an irresistible allure and beauty.

Every single picture that he prints is a unique manifestation of his vision and effort. A one-of-a-kind, handcrafted artwork.