Lionel Macor

Silk Road

Paris, France

Born in 1986 close to Paris, Lionel Macor witnesses, from a very young age, his mother immortalize family vacation moments and archive them conscientiously. It is only during adolescence that he revisits her images to uncover the additional layers they have to offer. He starts to accompany her in the darkroom, and from that moment onward, photography becomes an inseparable part of his life.

During his studies, he embarks on multiple missions to Southern Africa, and quickly develops an obsessive affinity for this continent, which he manifests through different photography series. 

Like many photographers today, Lionel is a child of the digital age. Very quickly though, it is the organic relationship with film photography and the importance of precise framing that take precedence for him. Film does not cheat, it allows to slow down the flow of images, to find meaning again. 

Contact: | @lionelmacor |

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Lionel Macor, on one of his pictures

"After wandering for hours through the streets of Kashan (Iran), I find myself in a backyard with two children, seemingly clapping their hands. As I look closer at them, I realize they're actually hunting pigeons. The boy in the background holds a slingshot, the one in the photo claps his hands and picks up the booty. He's constantly running up and down these facades like a tightrope walker. All I have to do is lock my frame on the section of the facade I'm interested in, and wait for him to pass by again."


Piezography Printing

Simply put, Piezography is the highest-quality and most-advanced digital black and white ink printing system ever invented. It leverages poly-encapsulated carbon particles that reflect and diffract light in unique ways, exceeding what is possible in traditional photographic printing. 

Nine carbon-based inks are mixed together, resulting in deep blacks, very soft gradients and extreme precision of the finest details. Being the only system capable of printing tens of thousands of gray levels, Piezography produces a longer density range in the print than is available from silver, carbon, or the noble metals of platinum & palladium. Also, since charcoal cannot fade, the densities of the print remain stable year after year for centuries.

We chose to print Lionel’s pictures with this printing technique to achieve archival-quality prints with exceptional detail and longevity.