Black Sara - Thibaut Piel
Black Sara - Thibaut Piel
Black Sara - Thibaut Piel
Black Sara - Thibaut Piel

Black Sara - Thibaut Piel

Sainte-Marie de la Mer, France - 2017

Only 19 prints available

⏳ Edition of 20
🎨 Printed on Hahnemühle Rag Baryta 315g - high-gloss paper
✍️ This print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity 
💌 Framed prints only available for Paris based customers - for more information:

Thibaut's story
Originally from Brittany, Thibaut decided to quit his work and his routine in 2016 in order to dedicate his time and his love to film. In recent years, he has been doing many photographic series, traveling photography projects, and training in the film laboratory. In 2021, he is going to set up his own laboratory in Dakar (@dkr_room).

His vision of the Mediterranean
"A facet of the Mediterranean sea that fascinates me and that I expose in this series: in the Camargue each year the pilgrimage of Saintes-Marie-de-la-mer is held. Gypsies come from all over Europe: Roms from Eastern Europe, Gypsies from Spain, Manouches from France come together to venerate their Saint Sara La Noire. It is an opportunity for them to come together around a common spirituality in order to pay homage to their ancestors, nomads, who crossed borders to better erase them."

His photographic orgasm
"Watching a beautiful silver print slowly reveal itself under inactinic light."

  More of Thibaut's - @bruzklyn_labz - work here

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