What is the Analog Club?

The Analog Club is an Instagram community created in 2016 to highlight talented photographers from the film photography movement. “Patience” being our first tangible creation, it marks the beginning of a new exciting era where The Analog Club will exist beyond Instagram.

What is Patience?

It’s a photographic newspaper edited by The Analog Club gathering 64 film photographs representing Patience. This 48 page publication features 50 committed photographers from our community. All proceeds go to the International Red Cross Covid-19 emergency appeal. Pre-order Patience by July 26, 2020.

Why Patience?

These crazy past few months revealed the true meaning of Patience. As this virtue is also very present in the analog photography spirit, it was a no-brainer for us to celebrate it and turn this quarantine into a positive and meaningful experience.

How our community participated?

We organised a spontaneous call for entries during the quarantine period and received more than 1300 photographs from 600 photographers across 65 countries. We would like to deeply thank all the participants, their involvement gave us the positive energy we needed to carry out this initiative.

Why donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross Covid-19 appeal?

Covid-19 represents a serious threat to life in war-torn countries where health systems are already severely strained, and millions do not have access to basic health care. Fleeing violence, people seek shelter in crowded camps with inadequate sanitation. This is why the International Committee of the Red Cross launched a Covid-19 emergency appeal.

The Analog Club having a large and global audience, we felt important to draw attention to these issues. We hope the pre-order of Patience will be a success to help the Red Cross to ensure its mission. They need our support!

Patience's photographers

All the photographers graciously transferred their copyrights to support this initiative.

Alexandre Mellak @alexandremkfil
Alice Christine Walker @roamingwithmyrollei
Amaury Crupelandt @analog_way
Andrea Lombardini @andrealombardiniph
Anne Barlinckhoff @annebarlinckhoff
Bogdan Balaceanu @stranger 
Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes @brunobicalhoc 
Camille Gorin @camillealg
Carlos Bra @itscarlosbra 
Colette der Kinderen @coletteonfilm 
Daniel Weizel @dan.izel 
Danielle Smith @dsd_danielle 
David Maurel @david_maurel 
Dino Mehle @hidemelon 
Douce d'Ivry @doucedivry 
Doug Robichaud @killerdogma 
Eloi de La Monneraye @eloidlm 
Faustine Martin @faustinemartin_ 
Felipe Viveiros @felipe.viveiros
François Civil @francoiscivilofficiel
Gabe Vega @gabevegaphoto
Gaëlle Leroyer @gaelleleroyer 
Hugo Lecrux Conceicão @hugolecrux
Hugo Tordjman @hugotordjman
Ian Howorth @ihoworth

jigme tenzin salto @jigmetenzinsalto 
Jim van der Sluijs @jimsluijs 
Joe Portelli @joe_portelli 
Julia Grandperret Motin @juliagrandperretmotin
Kate Bellm @katebellm 
Léo Berne @leo_berne 
Marc Le Vaillant @marclevaillant 
Marcel Boer @smilefootage
Mathieu Maury @mathieumaury 
Nick Prideaux @prideaux
Nicolas Nalet @nicolasnalet
Nicolas Schindler @nicischindler
Patrick Clelland @dayzedandconfuzed
Pauline Deschamps @babor_photography
Quentin Simon @quentin__simon
Sarah Blard @_sarahblard_ 
Sergey Neamoscou @neamoscou
Chaikovskaya Sofiia @sofikoo
Tanguy LV @tanguylv
Théo Gosselin @theogosselin
Thibaut Piel @bruzklyn_labz 
Théo Saffroy @theosaffroy
Víctor Bensusi @bensusi
Wesley Verhoeve @wesley
William Fleury @willsou

Thank you

We would like to deeply thank all the people who made this Patience initiative possible for their love, time and precious expertise:
Thibaut Ceasar, Marie Schwimann from (Dé)CLIC, William Fleury, Fanny Attal, Louis Harling & Géraldine Pace from In The Pool Studio, Chris Hanger - Eugenia Falqui & Sarah Alzawqari from the International Committee of the Red Cross, Stacey Binnion, Amanda Meiffret, Guillaume Motte, Clément Charvet, Sophie Huvé, Emily Harding & Sarah Belfort from Newspaper Club, Samantha Burke from Newsstand and of course all The Analog Club’s community which supported us from the beginning.



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