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Margaux's bio
Margaux’s fascination for images awaked an early desire to practice photography and video. She began to use these mediums in her daily life through an archival approach. Now, she considers them more widely as magical tools which allow her to sublimate reality and explore the borders of the unreal.

Her vision of the Mediterranean
"Margaux was born and raised in Marseille in a family of Greek origin. The Mediterranean was so omnipresent in her childhood that she ended up taking it for granted and even rejecting some of its aspects. Her relationship with the Mediterranean is ambiguous: it oscillates between love and disenchantment. She has managed to tame, to understand and to love it, mostly thanks to photography."

A photographic orgasm
"Martin Parr's work on mass tourism and consumption patterns. For the colorimetry but moreover, his critical gaze imbued with kindness and humor."

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